The Fitizen Challenge

Fitizen is all about promoting holistic fitness. To support our mission, Patrick Moran launched the Fitizen Challenge, a program that offers a $500 prize to personal trainers who lead new community workout programs that continue for at least seven weeks.

After Patrick led community workouts in New Haven, CT and then in Alexandria, VA, it became clear that bringing people together to work out together is no easy feat. It requires a combination of leadership, communication, creativity, and motivation. Our hope is that with the prize, we can do our small part to help personal trainers, yoga teachers, and other community leaders take on the challenge to drive positive change.

If you are interested in taking on your own Challenge, or if you are willing to promote the Challenge on your website to your community, please email us at

As a small non-profit, we don’t have the ability to pay for the promotion. But we are always open to building mutually beneficial partnerships.